>Unicorn Birthday Party!


Honeypie turned 6 this month!  I know… time flies.
So what better way to celebrate this year than with a magical unicorn party for my huge unicorn lover!  I made unicorn headbands for the kids to decorate during the party.  Here is how I made them… I used poster board paper.

I taped the horn closed and notched the bottom to be able to glue it to the white brow band.  Kids used glue and gold glitter to decorate the horn so it did not matter if you could see overlapping on the paper.  It got covered with the glitter.
I hot glued the horn to the brow band.
During the party everyone decorated their unicorn headpiece with glitter and markers.
We played pin the “horn” on the unicorn.  
Honeypie helped make horns for all the children.
She drew a giant Unicorn on craft paper.
Even daddy played! It was a hit.
We read “the little lost unicorn” and “unicorn wings”.

Had plenty of unicorn balloons...
And unicorn goodies for goodie bags.
We painted unicorn houses to go with our little unicorns 
(found these at Michaels!)
We had a visit from a chocolate colored unicorn too!! 
 Everyone got to ride him!  He was very friendly and was named popcorn.

I made the cake of course!  
and I made vegan cupcakes with unicorn cookies on top as well.
“Six” comes only once and this one was another birthday to remember.
Magic and friends and sweetness!!
Happy birthday little one.

~ ^_^


>This moment…

>I love “Amanda Soule’s photo posts over at her blog “soulemama”, in which she captures a moment in her life in just one or two photos.
Here’s ours today…

Daisy scouts skate day!
Everyone did so well for beginner skaters! Love the positive energy in each and everyone!

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Snow happy!


The robins are pecking at the ground in our garden, as the weather seems to be bringing some warmer days.  As the last of our snow melted away, we soaked up all we could before this loooooong cold end of winter.
We read these 2 very cute books we thought we’d share, “snow happy” by Patricia Hubbell and “Snow” by Cynthis Rylant and both inspired snow happy fun.
We even went a bit “Jackson Pollock”  on that perfect infinite white snowy canvas with some snow painting fun!
(By the way… for those of you who do not know Cynthia Rylant… please fo to the library and check out some of her books!!! They are beautiful!  Most are very poetic like the one we read  here but some like the “Henry and Mudge” series, are just plain cute and funny.  Very adored here.)

So true no?

(We painted on the snow with watered down tempera paints on a squeeze bottle)
snow happy!

>Brown rice crispy treats


Last week we made a great healthy version of the old marshmallow rice krispy treats recipe you might have eaten as  a child. (Think kelloggs).  Our version is high in protein, has no high fructose corn syrup, is marshmallow free and vegan!! 
What more could you ask for??
oh yes, it was delicious!
Here is the recipe.

Brown Rice syrup and nut butter rice Crispy Treats


2/3 cup of almond butter or cashew butter or peanut butter

2/3 cup of brown rice syrup

6 cups of brown rice crispy cereal or puffed rice cereal

2 teaspoons of vanilla extract


( Chocolate chips or dried fruit 1/2 cup or more)
**(I used dried blueberries and shredded coconut)


Put your nut butter, rice syrup, and vanilla into a small sauce pan and heat over a low heat until the mixture becomes warm and syrup like.  ( a few minutes)

While your nut butter  and syrup are heating, spray a large bowl with a little cooking spray before adding the rice cereal.  Pour the nut butter syrup over the cereal and combine until all of the rice crispies are evenly coated .  (You can use a spatula or even your hands) 

*If you are adding dries berries or fruit, add them now.  If you are adding chocolate chips, wait until the combined rice and syrup mixture has cooled a bit so that the chips do not melt.

Transfer the mixture into a baking dish (like a Pyrex) that has been lightly coated with non-stick cooking spray or use parchment paper on a cookie sheet/tray (which is what i used).  Pat them down tightly on all sides including the top and form into a rectangle.  Cut into squares once they have cooled.

YUMMMMM!  Even better than the ol’ marshmallow recipe and so good for you!.
**We added with a spatula some of that melted brown rice syrup and nut butter mixture over the top of the cooled rectangle and sprinkled shredded coconut over the top and it was fabulous!!! 

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>Valentine’s day

>It’s love day!!!
What better way to start the day than with some heart shaped pancakes and wonderful poetry reading and writing!!

For Honeypie…

On to some writing !

And for mama…

Sonnet LXIX. “Since then I am because you are, since then you are, I am, we are, and through love I will be, you will be, we’ll be” ~Pablo Neruda.

Nikki is amazing . Her poems are spirited, sassy and honest. Love her.

Amazing book.

(Oh ms patti… I love you)

Feeling not too confident in the poetry writing department ?
Here are 2 of my favorite books on inspiring you to begin poetry writing. So good !!

Staying in today?
Well here are some good love films to watch. Our favorites?


(another Miyazaki gem!)

And daddy’s idea of his favorite love flick…


Happy valentine’s day!!

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>Love notes

>It’s love day everyday, sure but valentines day is tomorrow and we are sooo excited!
Today we wrote love notes for daddy just the way they were written in the olden days … Using pen, quill and ink and sealing the note with sealing wax. I found all my inks and sealing wax from way back… (when I was addicted to shakespearean sonnets and bad boys) and we began practicing.

Using pen and ink…

Trying the feather quill …

We settled on the pen and loved dipping it in all the different colored inks.

(very serious work…)

Now on to sealing the note.

We melted the wax over a candle using a metal spoon. The wax is HOT so if little hands are helping make sure you are careful!!!!

I poured the wax on the envelope and

Honeypie used a metal seal to press it on to the wax.


We also finished all the valentines for friends…

Now on to secret messages…

To make invisible ink you need equal parts water to baking soda.

( 1 tb of baking soda and 1 tb of water )
Mix well.

Use a q-tip or paint brush to apply the invisible ink mixture to your paper. Write your secret message and let it fully dry.

To read the note warm the paper over a candle or stove, making sure to KEEP THE PAPER AWAY FrOm DIRECT FLAME.!!!!!!! It’s highly FLAMMABLE !!! SO ADULTS ONLY!!!!

Daddy’s message?

Hope you are writing your own love notes and happy valentines day!!

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>Sweets for sweeties

>Honeypie wanted to make some valentine goodies for friends and we came up with this easy project. White chocolate candy cane hearts with sprinkles.
All you need to make this, is white chocolate chips, candy canes, and sprinkles!

Arrange the candy canes into heart shapes on parchment paper or a lightly oiled surface.

Pour the melted chocolate into the inside of the hearts. Carefully spread with a spatula or spoon.

Add sprinkles before the chocolate hardens.

Easy, fast and cute!

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